Non Food Packaging

Non food packaging is a key part of most industries. Whether its for packaging a box of screws to go on the store shelf or to package the high value consumable electronics to be shipped across the world. We require a vacuum for holding a heavy item or for lifting an item.  Correct non food packaging can provide the best transportation protection and ensures that products such as electronic parts, pharmaceuticals, etc, can be shipped to the customer aseptically and free of dust.

Reduction of Transport Volume using non food packaging

When packing products, prior to sealing a vacuum pump would be used to remove the air from the packaging. An example of non food packaging is the vacuum packaging of clothes.  The brand new clothes are shrink-wrapped to be able to fill trucks and containers to maximum capacity.

Non-food packaging

This vacuum is similar to when we store clothing in our homes. The air is drawn out of the container and the clothing takes much less space. when applied in shipping of goods this can provide a cost benefit to the companies applying the technology.

So if you are in the non food packaging industry and are looking for a product that can match your application then give Vacuvane a call.