Date:30 11, 2012

VCX Claw Pumps

Vacuvane VCX Claw pumps generate contact free vacuum or compressed air efficiently and economically by the principle of internal compression. The claws of the VCX feature a highly optimised precision profile that rolls together without contact. No sealing fluid is needed within the compression chamber.  The result is dry and wear free compression and vacuum.






The VCX vacuum pump utilises the always reliable rotary lobe technology and improved efficiency by optimised claw shape. An ideal alternative to dry running rotary vane, liquid ring and piston type vacuum pumps that require constant maintenance or service liquid. The features of the units are:

• No oil in compression room      • Virtually maintenance free         • Compact            • Quiet Operation          • Easy to install            • Ultimate pressure: 150 / 200 mbar abs.       • Build in vacuum relief valve

Just click the images in order to select  a specific unit.

Click the image for the 50Hz operation curves                                                   Click the image for the 60Hz operation curves

N.B. Curves are valid for continuous operation: medium air at +15C, measured at inlet port and 103 hPa (mbar abs) atmospheric pressure. Tolerance: +/- 10%, ambient temperature: -15C to +40C







1) Vacuvane relief valves are available for limiting differential pressure

2) Other voltages are available on request

3) Noise level measurement acc. to EN ISO 3744 at a distance of 1 mtr with hoses connected

A full technical data sheet is available for download if you would prefer simply click  below:

VCX Vacuum Claw Pumps