The information contained in the Vacuvane Australia website is coming from the heart of the company in Germany. We are part of the group of companies working together as a network. This is made of Airtech Vacuum USA, Vacuvane Vacuum Technology Gmbh Germany, HPE Technology Spain and Vacuvane Australia.

In the last year the two companies in Europe have collaborated and are now operating under the trading are of Airtech Europe Gmbh. The closer co-operation is resulting in streamlining of product ranges and more investment in research and design.

We are in the business of manufacturing high quality Side Channel Blowers as well as other product for the many and varied applications for Pressure and Vaccum technology around the world. Vacuvane Australia is therefore in a good position to supply the Australian and other markets in this region.

Our factory and test facility in Germany has had to move to larger premises last year. In the USA the factory has had to do the same. This ensures that the group has the capability and capacity to meet the growing demand for our products. With this sizable R&D & Testing facilities we are able to move further ahead in the UL and IEC field.

We are primarily a high quality manufacturer of Side Channel Blowers. These are also known as Regenerative Blowers or Ring Blowers. These units are able to be used as a Compressor for pressure applications or as a Vacuum Pump for Vacuum applications.

In addition to our standard range we have our ATEX certified range of Side Channel Blowers with our de coupled design offering 100% leak tested products. This enables us to use IECEx motors to suit the local market as well as offering Blowers with specialised Hart coating or Nickel plating to suit some of the more harsh application environments.

We are about supplying customers with quality products to meet their individual needs or to assist with specialised products and systems for their rough blast air requirements.

We carry an in depth stock in Australia to meet the needs of the local market with small single stage units moving 55m3/hr right up to large double stage units capable of 1370 m3/hr.

For further information you can contact us today to see how we can work together to meet your needs