Test & Tag Services

We provide Test & Tag services throughout the Perth region. We will come to your workplace and thoroughly check all you portable devices. Accredited staff perform the Test and then Tag the devices so you have a record of when the check was carried out. We also provide a detailed report of what was tested and a reminder of when your next test would be due.

As we all use portable electrical equipment in our daily life and make the assumption that it is safe to use. This is even many months and years after we have bought them. Providing Test & Tag services is a way of checking on a regular basis that the item is as safe to use as the day you originally bought it.

Worksafe In Western Australia issued a guide in 2011 to cover where and when to Test & Tag in the workplace across the states businesses. Most people seem to think that to Test & Tag only applies to contractors and Mining or Construction sites. However on in the guide it mentions that  the Occupational Safety and Health regulations state:

Regulation 4.37 of the OSH regulations deals with the duties as to the use of any electrical equipment or RCD at workplaces other than construction and demolition sites,and mining operations. Under this regulation, an employer, self-employed person, main contractor, person having control of a workplace or person having control of access to a workplace must ensure that electrical equipment and RCDs at the workplace are subject to the appropriate checks, tests and inspections necessary to reduce the risk of injury or harm occurring to a person at that workplace.

In other words a business that has staff or visitors in the workplace is responsible for having its portable equipment as well as the main board RCD’s checked on a regular basis. The checks on those items must be carried out in accordance with AS/NZ3760 by a competent person.

We offer services from Joondalup in the North, Henderson in the South and Midland in the East covering all suburbs within a 25 km circumference of the Perth CBD.

For a minimum charge of 10 tags we will visit you and Test & Tag up to 10 items during office hours or after hours to suit you needs.

So contact our office and we will schedule an appointment.