Date:29 11, 2012

Pressure Operation 80 m3/hr to 315 m3/hr Double Stage

Vacuvane Pressure – Vacuum Side Channel Blowers transfer the kinetic energy to the medium by drawing the gas through a built in silencer to the contactless impeller. The energy is then transferred repeatedly in the blower housing using the design of the impeller. On the discharge side the gas is wiped off the interrupter and discharged through a second silencer.

Technical features are:

Maintenance free – through external permanently greased bearings, non-contact impellers and fan cooled motors.

Enviromentally safe – through oil-free compression, low energy consumption and low noise level.

User-friendly – through robust yet lightweight construction of all sizes due to die cast aluminium construction, ability to mount in vertical or horizontal positions and are suitable for use with variable speed controllers.

Worldwide use – through the 50 / 60 Hz frequency ability and many voltage ranges, with motors that have insulation class H and IP 55 protection level, with built in overheating protection and the CE, UL & CSA certifications.

Customisation – units can be customised to your specific needs.


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Click the image for the 50Hz operation curves                                       Click the image for the 60Hz operation curves

N.B. Curves are valid for continuous operation: medium air at +15C, measured at inlet port and 103 hPa (mbar abs) atmospheric pressure.







1) Vacuvane relief valves are available for limiting differential pressure

2) Other voltages are available on request

3) Noise level measurement acc. to EN ISO 3744 at a distance of 1 m with hoses connected

Please click the link below for a full technical data sheet.

Double Stage Pressure Operation 80 m3/h to 315 m3/h